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SIVBA Mission Statement

The mission of the SIVBA is to foster a love for volleyball in young women across all developmental levels.  SIVBA will use a developmental approach to teach, train, and empower players to excel in the sport of volleyball, while creating positive and collaborative relationships between players, coaches, families and the academy. With a range of teams and skill levels, competing at the local, regional, or national level, every player will have the opportunity to play at the level that best matches their skill level and interest.

Why SIVBA Was Created:

  1. Clubs are currently fragmented, so abilities vary too much on each individual club team (modeled after/partnered with Legends Soccer Club)
    • More competitive players are not challenged and newer players do not get the playing time and experience to grow
    • Teams are never strong enough with such a small tryout pool to compete at the levels of surrounding clubs, so we lose local player
  2. Allows for players and families to compete at the appropriate developmental level
    • Strong players get to compete at higher level and in more competitive tournaments
    • Newer players can learn volleyball without making a huge commitment to travel